Best German Restaurant (2012)

Zur Kate

For a restaurant that's been around since 1983, this cozy little spot of authentic German cuisine must have something up its schnitzel. Re-creating the gasthaus (small inn) atmosphere of the country, German-born Horst Schlembach and wife Elena serve up all manner of sausages, schnitzels, signature items, and daily and weekend specials alongside a solid selection of German beer, wine, and spirits — and at prices that won't break the cuckoo clock. We like the spicy zigeuner schnitzel with hot pepper gravy and red cabbage, and leberkase with onions, the German version of meatloaf, that tastes like a slice of hot dog, especially with forkfuls of housemade kraut and a squirt or two of mustard. Along with an interior covered in memorabilia from the Old Country, expect German music, over the speakers or from a live band, and friendly service.

Location Details

4815 E. Main St.
Mesa AZ 85205


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