Best Greek Restaurant (2012)


In business for more than four decades, this longtime favorite of the Phoenix dining scene knows a thing or two about boldly flavored Greek cuisine. Thanks to its affable owner George Vassilou, the fine-tuned menu, along with a host of daily specials, is based on recipes from his grandmother, who originally ran the restaurant, and they stand up to this day. From top-notch starters such as lightly breaded calamari and meaty dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) to wonderfully flavorful entrees such as pasticio (think Greek lasagna, featuring creamy béchamel instead of ricotta) and tomatoey lamb with orzo to desserts (including a sinful, Mt. Olympus-size baklava/cheesecake concoction), everything is textured, colorful, and well prepared. Add a selection of Greek beers, nearly two dozen kinds of ouzo, and a convivial (but laid-back and inviting) atmosphere, and it's a Greek taverna worth visiting.

Location Details

8519 N. 7th St.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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