Sprouts Farmers Market is celebrating its 10th year, and there's good reason why this Arizona-based grocery chain has lasted a whole decade and successfully expanded into California, Colorado, and Texas. Sprouts combines the benefits of a small, charming health food boutique with the variety and convenience of a large grocery store, making it possible to do the whole week's shopping under one roof. There are fresh breads, quality meats and cheeses, specialty foods like agave syrup and gluten-free pasta, and bulk goods including cereals, dried fruits, and spices. And unlike its big-name competitors, you won't have to leave your whole paycheck at the checkout register — even though Sprouts' produce is just as fresh and the food consistently top-quality. Thanks to Sprouts, Valley residents can whip up healthy gourmet meals at home while remaining within budget, and that's no small feat.

Location Details

2824 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85016


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