If you're looking for dinner and a show — both fit for the tiniest king — look no further than China Magic Noodle House. From the name (magic!) to the menu (a pile of plain noodles for Junior, something hot and spicy for you) to the price (very affordable) to the ambiance (not much — it's noisy and the furnishings are spare), this is the perfect place for your pint-size foodie. The dishes are delicious; and where else in town can you watch your noodles being made on the spot? The kids will crowd around a tiny window to watch an expert turn a pile of dough into the tastiest noodles they've ever slurped. And no one will mind if you do a little slurping (and gawking) yourself. Like we said, magic.

Location Details

2015 N. Dobson Rd.
Chandler AZ 85224


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