Best Scandinavian Restaurant (2012)

Beaver Choice

This quirky little eatery in Tempe — a little Polish, a little Canadian, and a whole lot Swedish — may have a funny name, but the food is seriously delicious. Featuring hearty dishes that, chances are, you've never heard of, let alone tasted, owner and chef Hanna Gabrielsson uses no more than five fresh ingredients and around three pounds of fresh dill each day to create a menu of (mostly) Swedish fare, featuring fish, chicken, hamburgers, and a category simply called "Meat." Standouts include the chunky Swedish meatballs; laxpudding, featuring salmon Gabrielsson has cured herself; and the exotic casserole called the Flying Jacob. And don't miss Scandinavian sweet treats like Beaver Balls and a layered creation called the Beaver Supreme — yeah, we know, you can laugh now.

Location Details

745 W. Baseline Rd.
Mesa AZ 85210


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