No flash and trendiness-free, this cozy, easy-to-love mom-and-pop restaurant in North Scottsdale with a loyal following of regulars specializes in sushi. Order up top-notch selections like mild striped bass, aji nigiri (Spanish mackerel) drizzled with ponzu, uni (sea urchin), or specialty rolls such as the Negi Toro made with fatty tuna and scallions. Better yet, try anything on the get-it-while-you-can specials board behind the sushi bar. There, you might find exotic delights such as geso (squid tentacles), jellyfish, and wasabi octopus, or even the playful Sammy Roll (named for Takashi Saito of the Arizona Diamondbacks) featuring sliced avocado over a lobster and mango roll and topped with a special homemade eel sauce. Don't forget to break up the sushi bites with sips of sake — there's no hurry here.

Location Details

9393 N. 90th St.
Scottsdale AZ 85258


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