Best Vietnamese Restaurant (2012)

Hue Gourmet

Like its moniker, this little gem of unique Vietnamese fare hidden in the food court of Mesa's Mekong Plaza focuses on the distinctive cuisine of Hue, the capital city of Thua Thien, in the Hue province of Vietnam. Translation: This humble food court stall is serving up dishes that even the most pho-faithful in the Valley most likely haven't seen on a Vietnamese menu before. Check out items like bun bo hue (spicy red soup); rice cakes topped with dried, ground shrimp, and fried pork skin; bánh khot (miniature fried pancakes); nem chua hue (cured meat wrapped in banana leaves); and pâté chauds (Vietnamese puff pastries with a meat filling). The best part? Thanks to its wallet-friendly prices, Hue allows diners to feast on the unfamiliar, find some new favorite dishes, or both, for around 10 bucks.

Location Details

66 S. Dobson Rd.
Mesa AZ 85202


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