The patio floor is painted bright yellow, and the entire restaurant — inside and out — is covered in fantastic blue murals with sea creatures, lighthouses, and mermaids. It's the perfect over-the-top ambiance for a seafood restaurant that serves delicious dishes, such as an octopus tostada and ceviche with raw shrimp that's been "cooked" in pure lemon juice.

Our favorite is the traditional coctel (cocktail) with shrimp and bits of finely chopped cucumber, onion, and tomato, all floating in a perfectly seasoned shrimp juice extract — not just the salted water you might find at lesser establishments. But the most popular item on the menu is the Super Coctel — an explosion of flavors with shrimp, octopus, squid, sea snail, baby clams, oysters, raw shrimp and ceviche. And their pescado veracruzano is another great catch — a whole tilapia doused with Las Glorias' salsa ranchero and covered with chopped carrots, peas, olives, and fresh jalapeños.

Location Details

5220 S. Central Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85040


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