If Willy Wonka had a Mexican cousin, Pico Rico Dulceria is where Guillermo Wonka would peddle his candied confections. The store stocks something for every sweet tooth, so whether you're after a fruity, spicy, or just plain sugary treat, you'll be satisfied by the selection. Aisles are stacked with bags upon bags of candies. There's cajeta, candied guava, dulce duro de coco, and countless varieties of tamarind and chile sweets, ranging from lollipops and hard candies to fruit leather and the liquid crack that is Lucas Muecas. And you can't leave without getting a few kisses — Ricos Besos chocolate flavored toffees, that is. They and all of the other small candies are the perfect stuffing for a piñata, and you'll find plenty of them to fill hanging from the ceilings.

Location Details

2533 N. 16th St.
Phoenix AZ 85006


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