It seems the traditional outdoor swap meet is giving way to indoor swap marts — and, sure, hunting indoors for bargains makes sense, especially during our brutal Valley summers. But if you're old-school, one of the remaining outdoor venues for weekend hawking of new and used wares is the Glendale Public Market, which doubles at night as a double-feature drive-in for newly released flicks.

It isn't billed as a Mexican swap meet per se, but from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., pay your 75 cents at the gate on Saturday — or $1.25 on Sunday — enter a giant parking lot, and peruse the goods of hundreds of Latino vendors as Mexican tunes blast in the air. On a recent Saturday morning, we went in search of a bargain on a foot-long pan large enough to fry a whole fish, plates to match, a set of small audio speakers, turtle food, and a hard plastic kennel for a three-pound Yorkie. It was an amazingly successful trip. Among the construction materials (including nearly every tool imaginable, baseboards, and paint) there were beautiful booths, with shorty-shorts and tight Ts, skimpy bras, and MAC blushes and mascara, as well as other name-brand makeup items. And produce vendors, selling watermelons and other seasonal fruits and vegetables, were there, too, their booths looking like mini-yard sales with used household items. This place is a gold mine, where old-fashioned haggling still has a place.

Location Details

5650 N. 55th Ave.
Glendale AZ 85301


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