Best Country Station (2012)

KNIX 102.5

Who needs Tim and Willy? (Well, neither of the Valley's big country radio stations, apparently.) KNIX 102.5 FM's morning guys, Ben Campbell and Matt McAllister, have been holding down the fort for several years now, while KMLE 108 FM continues to shift through hosts for its morning show. In a time-slot that's been the basis of competition between the two stations for quite some time, Ben and Matt are now kings, especially since they're no longer in competition with their predecessors. For the kicker, KNIX still has Barrel Boy, who may just be the most iconic figure in Valley country radio right now. Sure, his most useful role is being the hefty dude who wears a barrel in public, but he's been a staple at big-time country concerts and other events in the Valley for some time now. The difference in programming between the two big country stations may not be huge, but personality still matters.


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