If you catch an elevator ride to the top of any building in downtown Phoenix, look toward South Mountain. There, you might be able to make out three words in bold, chunky letters: Right to Remain.

The message and overall design, says local artist DOSE, are the result of a collaboration with Seed & Feed Warehouse owner Michael Levine, with help from graphic designers Andrew Coppola and Raquel Raney. The 20-foot-by-125-foot wall of Seed & Feed can be seen from miles away, but the best view is up close. DOSE put the finishing touches on one of the largest murals in Phoenix last October, and in the months following, he added a wrecking ball, additional shading, and his own signature on what he calls a "social political form of graffiti" and a public call to remain — indigenous, gay, straight, on occupied land, to re-occupy. And we're hoping the mural does just that.

Location Details

411 S. 2nd St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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