Security is phenomenally tight at both of the sprawling high-tech facilities owned by Orbital Sciences Corporation in the East Valley. It's so tight that even Tom Cruise in full-on Mission: Impossible mode couldn't penetrate either of its buildings. Given the sort of top-secret stuff being designed and built inside, such security is to be expected. As the company's name portends, the technicians and engineers of Orbital Sciences create rockets, missiles, and other flame-spewing space projectiles for NASA and the Department of Defense, as well as a number of satellites. Inside the clean rooms at the Launch Systems Group building in Chandler, workers assemble the Taurus XL and rockets from the Minotaur series, both of which are used to launch satellites beyond the atmosphere. Over in Gilbert, OSC's Space Systems Group assembles orbiting devices that do everything from analyze the polar ice caps to facilitate worldwide communications. Per the Orbital Sciences' website, the company's currently hiring but requires an extensive background check. Better make sure you take care of those traffic tickets.

Location Details

3380 S. Price Rd.
Chandler AZ 85248


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