Best Sports Radio Talk Show (2012)

Bickley & MJ

In 2008, Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley had the dubious honor of getting his ass handed to him by Phoenix Mercury captain Diana Taurasi in a lopsided game of HORSE. While the acerbic sports scribe might be wanting when it comes to athletic prowess, we're willing to wager that he would've wiped the floor with the WNBA star had it been a sports trivia contest. Bickley's a know-it-all wiseacre who's got the gift of gab as well as the ability to break down the intricacies of the sporting world. (His insights into last year's enraging NBA lockout were quite astute.) Ditto for his co-host Mike Jurecki, a football aficionado who has his finger on the pulse of the NFL and plenty of dish on the Arizona Cardinals. Each weekday during afternoon drive time, the pair gathers around a hot mic to casually shoot the shit with each other as well as with first-time callers/longtime listeners eager to join in the conversation.


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