Best Annual Parking Lot Sale of Vintage Goods (2012)

Antique Gatherings

What we wanted more than anything was a pair of gigantic vintage Drexel china cupboards to cram all of our dishes into. Alas, everyplace we saw them (they're pretty common but still very lovely), there was only one and it was way too expensive. Then we headed over to Antique Gatherings for its semi-annual Spring Parking Lot Sale, because we always find something there that makes us want to scream with joy. And there they were: two big Drexel cupboards with teeny tiny price tags on them. If you haven’t been to this twice-a-year sale (April and November), go! Eighty vendors from far and wide set up camp right in front of this venerable antiques mall to sell everything from glass doorknobs to vintage linens to high-end furniture — and all for discounted prices. It’s the tag sale of the season for antiques lovers, and one you’ll be addicted to after just one visit.

Location Details

3601 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85018


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