It's funny. As reports of the demise of the bookstore — and, indeed, the paper-and-ink book itself — increase, hipsters are embracing the book as an art form. Not as something to read, but something to carve — literally. Really, we've seen skulls carved from old books, art stamped on their pages, shelves built on their backs. A coffee bar made of books; a rug, for crying out loud. We love art, but we'll be honest: Book art makes us cringe. Is it really time to call it a day when it comes to the book? Have we forgotten what books are actually for?

There’s one place (two, if CHB’s plans for a Central Phoenix spot come to fruition) where the book still is alive and well — and flying off the shelves, thank you very much. It’s not for lack of a lot of hard work on the part of the owners, staff, and community that loves Changing Hands, and it’s not for nothing that this bookstore embodies all the best qualities of our favorite book shops across the country. Not only will you find an educated staff and a wide selection, this spot serves as a community gathering place for metropolitan Phoenix, with readings from nationally acclaimed, famous authors, as well as first-time locals. And, hey, before you decide to arrange those old books by color in a decorative (and never-to-be-disturbed) artistic display, or make them into shelves for your Kindle, iPad, and Nook, consider selling them back to Changing Hands and buying new ones. The paper-and-ink kind. A novel idea.

Location Details

6428 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe AZ 85283


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