If you buy into the theory that the end of the Mayan calendar will coincide with the end of the world this December, then it's about time you picked out your apocalypse ensemble. As it very well could be the last thing you ever wear, why not have a little science fiction-inspired fun along the way? Perhaps you'd like to outfit yourself as an uprising primate, à la Planet of the Apes, or embrace the end as a zombie from The Walking Dead. Goofy green aliens and Star Trek characters also could work just as well. For any of the above and, oh, so much more, Easley's Fun Shop is the place. Of course, they're your go-to costume emporium when it comes to Halloween, but the family-owned store is open to suit your dress-up needs year-round and, if that Mayan legend holds true, until the end of time.

Location Details

509 W. McDowell Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85003


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