It's a rare occurrence when boyfriends, hubbies, and, well, any dudes can stay entertained during a shopping endeavor. Bunky Boutique is the exception to that rule. Granted, it neighbors Matt Poole's Giant Coffee, so no excuses for dozing off are acceptable while in a 50-foot radius. But what it really comes down to is the inherent style of its owners, Rachel and Jim Malloy, who pride themselves on a selection of pieces that are, as they like to say, timeless with a twist. The men's section is stocked with supersoft eco-heather polos and hoodies, lit-inspired T-shirts, offbeat neckties, Baxter grooming products, bike accessories, and plenty more for him to keep busy with while you're trying on that pile of must-haves in the dressing room. Don't worry. He'll be in line right after you.

Location Details

1437 N. 1st St.
Phoenix AZ 85004


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