Best Place to Buy an Antique Bathtub (2012)

Antique Trove

We wanted an old claw-foot tub, and we looked in all the usual places. Pretty much every antique dealer rolled his eyes and wrung his hands and sent us away, empty-handed. And then we went to Antique Trove, which lives up to its name, always. Treasures everywhere, and all of it so nicely displayed and lit. This is one of the few antique malls where one can buy not only a gorgeous old wooden tea tray but also the necessary ointments to keep it healthy and well-oiled. It's also the only place in town where we were able to find a claw-foot bathtub — and we were thrilled. The price was right, the nice Trove staff was helpful with suggestions about the best places to buy old-time bathtub hardware, and the delivery price was reasonable. We almost wish we needed another bathtub — but we're happy to return to Trove to plumb its many wonderful dealer spaces for other treasures. Come dig with us!

Location Details

2020 N. Scottsdale
Scottsdale AZ 85257


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