Best Place to Buy Vintage Clothing (2012)

Antique Sugar at Zinnias

Shopping for vintage duds can prove an iffy endeavor in Phoenix, where some stores couldn't be bothered to give a hoot about their products. That's especially true when delving into racks and stacks ends with shoppers exiting in the midst of a dusty sneezing fit. In the case of Melrose district vintage staple Antique Sugar, the clothing couldn't be ignored by the shop owners or vintage lovers long enough for mites to collect — it's simply too desirable. With a sizable men's section (and, man, that's nothing to sniff at) and a plethora of womenswear, Antique Sugar is stuffed with colorful, seasonal pieces that range from bright and ballsy to simple and wearable. What you walk away with entirely depends on whether you're aiming to look like a Betty Boop sex kitten or Mr. Rogers chic.

Location Details

227 W. University Dr.
Tempe AZ 85281


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