Best Place to Buy Vinyl Toys (2012)

Lulubell Toy Bodega

You don't see many of Fuei Shokai's eerie Slender Man dolls selling alongside other vinyl playthings at chain stores like Urban Outfitters or Zia Record Exchange. In fact, the sought-after collectible is so scarce that they can't be purchased anywhere in Arizona, except at Lulubell Toy Bodega. The quirky emporium, which moved to downtown Mesa from Tucson last winter, focuses on selling ultra-rare figures and obscurities imported from Japan, particularly Kaiju monsters and custom rarities made by little-known and micro-size manufactures. Co-owner Luke Rook frequently visits the Asian nation to search through boutiques and toy shows and scoop up these gems while partner Amy Del Castillo minds the store. Though you can also purchase cutesy works created by local artists or popular designer favorites from Frank Kozik and Kid Robot at the shop, it's a niche operation geared toward hardcore collectors. That's a toy story with a happy ending.

Location Details

128 W. Main St.
Mesa AZ 85201


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