Best Thrift Store Antique Department (2012)

Indian School Thrift

We secretly hate those glass cases in thrift stores, where the "good stuff" has been locked away because someone in a backroom has decided that a headless Shirley Temple doll with a torn dress is valuable and should cost $40. And there's never anyone around with a key to show us the thing we want, anyway. But at Indian School Thrift, we love the glass cases — because they're just one part of a whole department of neatly arranged, actually vintage things for sale. This department is always manned by a helpful clerk who's happy to take stuff out of the cases, or off of the shelf behind the cases, and let us examine them. The prices are more than fair, and we've never seen junk from the '80s being pawned off as "antique" here. Instead, we find honest-to-gosh old stuff, all of it fairly priced and accessible. The thrift store itself is also full of cool bargains, but the real finds are to be found at the special section over in the corner, which you won't want to miss checking out.

Location Details

2740 W. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85017


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