Best Thrift Store for Cheap Gifts (2012)

Assistance League Thrift

We admit it: There's a box in our closet where we keep inexpensive gifts we've scored at Assistance League Thrift, one of the best thrift shops in town for still-in-the-box re-giftables. Recently, we've found a cute box of vintage stationery for a dollar; a still-wrapped-in-plastic potpourri candle; and a neat spice rack (also still in its original box) shaped like a giraffe that we know will make the perfect last-minute hostess gift. This is the best thrift store in town for those of us who don't love a smelly secondhand store jammed with clothing and piles of junk. Assistance League's merch is all neatly displayed and turns over quickly — so get there, pronto, for nice gifty stuff priced to move.

Location Details

7044 N. 7th St.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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