Best Thrift Store for Collectible Books (2012)


When we decided we wanted an old set of encyclopedias, we thought it would be a piece of cake to find one — because any thrift store must have at least one set, right? Wrong. We visited a half-dozen of them before we headed to this west-side Goodwill, where we snagged a 33-volume set in mint condition for $20. And after poking around, we found that this place is a veritable treasure trove of nice old books — and some better new ones, besides. We found a second edition printing of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a pair of John Irving novels with their dust covers intact, and the rather more unusual Hygiene of the Breasts, a 1920s hardcover about nursing one's baby. We've made going to this particular Goodwill a weekly habit, and we never leave without a new stash of reading material.

Location Details

8921 N. 7th St.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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