Best Thrift Store for Vintage Cookware (2012)


We thought it was a total fluke when we found two minty-mint Wearever cook-pots from the 1940s at this thrift store, but then a few weeks later, we found the matching saucepan — with its lid, too! After that, we made this unusually clean shop a regular stop. We've since found a like-new fondue set, still in its avocado-green box, and a Minute-Man turkey roaster with its original draining pan — something we'd been looking for on eBay forever. We bought it, and now we're waiting for the day when we walk into this cookware-centric secondhand store to see the Wearever coffee pot we need to complete our set. It'll happen. Meantime, see you there!

Location Details

8921 N. 7th St.
Phoenix AZ 85020


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