Best Thrift Store for Vintage Dishware (2012)

Flo's on 7th

The best thing about our new set of Brockware Chanticleer dishware is that we got it for next to nothing, because we shop at Flo's. The buyers there seem to know what they have — often, dishes and serving pieces will be tagged with the set's current eBay value — but they're not doing that weird thing where they lock it all up in a case and over-price it. Flo's is a thrift store, and the owners know it. So one can find great cooling trays and warming dishes and coffee pots and stemware and plated flatware for nearly no money at all. The former Florence Crittenton Thrift Shoppe also offers furniture, clothing, appliances, and even great old 45 RPM records, but it's the Harkerware and the Anchor Hocking and the Stengl that keep us coming back. (Fans of old linens will want to make Flo's a regular haunt, too, because vintage tablecloths, napkins, and window treatments are among this shop's other specialties.)

Location Details

4116 N. Seventh Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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