Best Thrift Store for Vintage Furniture (2012)

White Dove Thrift

Outside of a plain old antiques store, this is the place where the best local collection of slightly tarnished vintage furniture resides. Every stick of Stickley is waiting for you to discover it and bring it home; and next time you drive past this Seventh Avenue destination and see a moving van out front, pull in! Nonstop deliveries to this popular thrift means that the vintage stuff just keeps arriving — and flying out the door, too, because local pickers love this joint. We do, as well — our most recent finds at this super-chic furniture emporium include a blond book shelf with built-in lamp (a steal at only $29), a well-loved handmade side table ($24), and a rather large ottoman that, while not strictly an antique, was still too good a deal to pass up. Go find one of your own at White Dove.

Location Details

5035 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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