Best Vegan Taxidermy (2012)

Christy Puetz

Phoenix artist Christy Puetz works on her animal creations with a long needle, a collection of glass seed beads, and countless peyote stitches. Her fragile, delicate, and painstakingly detailed creatures come from a variety of backgrounds and stories. In 2011, she created a collection of “shapeshifting” creatures shown at Modified Arts, and, in 2009, she showcased a series of birds with beaded patterns inspired by the microscopic appearances of diseases including herpes and chlamydia. Together, her animals create a story line played out in the artist’s mind. Over the summer, Puetz was an artist in residence at Gallery@theLibrary (located inside Scottsdale Civic Center Library), where she worked for a public audience and hosted workshops that fed into the exhibition, titled “Monsters and Squirrels,” that surrounded her.


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