We haven't broken out the measuring tape, so we'll have to take Octane Raceway's word that it's the largest indoor kart-racing facility in the United States. It certainly looks large. Even the check-in area is big. Two race tracks can hold 50 drivers at a time. Still, time does seem to slow down between races, while we're waiting for our next race time to come up. We have to be patient because we know we'll get our 12 minutes on the track, same as everyone else. Twelve minutes of sheer bliss, screeching around corners and accelerating to ludicrous speed on the straightaways. We can always have a beer in the lounge to ease the wait for the next race. The anticipation is still stressful, though, because the races are competitive. A printout after each match shows your time and where you placed against other drivers. Someday, when we've got some money to blow, we plan to invest it some of it in securing a number-one position at Octane Raceway.

Location Details

9119 E. Indian Bend Rd.
Scottsdale AZ 85250


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