Best Bar with an Arcade (2013)

Gypsy Bar

Good friends can become bitter rivals when hanging out in Gypsy Bar's arcade, ahem, game lounge. Believe us, we've seen it happen, usually over one of its many player-versus-player sports games (like 2 Minute Drill or NBA Hoops) and definitely after imbibing something ice-cold and intoxicating from the large, fully loaded bar. Sure, egos might get a little bruised, and taunts are often exchanged, but it's all in good fun (we think). Not all the mega-games are of an athletic bent, however, as there's Pac-Man Battle Royale Deluxe, Guitar Hero, Terminator: Salvation, and Deal or No Deal. Pretty much everything involves two players or more, so prepare yourself for an impromptu challenge, should you be there with friends. The flash and clamor of the glitzy game lounge often competes with the hullabaloo of other activities taking place throughout Gypsy Bar, which is located next door to Lucky Strike Lanes at CityScape. If it's a weekend, there's probably a crowd on the dance floor or around the bar as people engage in an interactive affair of a more social sort.

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Location Details

50 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix AZ 85003


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