Best of Phoenix 2013: Vintage Phoenix (2013)

You'll have to pardon us if we get a little nostalgic as we publish our 35th edition of Best of Phoenix®. We've grown up together, Phoenix, and we can't help noticing that you've got a lot on your plate these days.

The rap on this place is that nothing lasts — buildings are torn down before there's time for mildew, restaurants come and go, and people never stay. But more and more, that's less true. From Tovrea Castle to the Bikini Lounge, there's plenty of vintage Phoenix left to admire, and we've documented our favorites for you here in the pages of the 2013 Best of Phoenix® and online at in a multimedia package featuring videos, slideshows, podcasts, and more.

Some things never get old, if you know what we mean. Enjoy.

Vintage Phoenix Q & A (All by Robrt L. Pela)

Megalopolitan Life: Artist Halldor Hjalmarson

Fun and Games: Phil Barrett of the Toy Box

Goods and Services: Brandi Kvetko of Jackalope Trading Post

La Vida: Serena Cays of Los Olivos

Food: Monica Heizenrader of MacAlpine's

Nightlife:Music historian John Dixon

Vintage Phoenix Collection (All by Valerie Hoke)

Megalopolitan Life: Phoenix Art Museum's Philip C. Curtis Paintings

Fun and Games: Gary Gauthier's Phoenix Suns Memorabilia

Goods and Services: Heidi Abrahamson's Native American Jewelry

La Vida: Steve Davis' Mexican Folk Art

Food: Jenny Kuller's Kitchen Goods

Nightlife: Danny Zelisko's Concert Memorabilia

Vintage Phoenix Artifact (All by Robrt L. Pela)

Megalopolitan Life: WPA Murals at Downtown Post Office

Fun and Games: Arizona Falls

Goods and Services: Leona Caldwell's Patio Wear

La Vida: Sagrado Corazón

Food: Bill Johnson's Trailer

Nightlife: Mr. Lucky's Sign

Vintage Phoenix Business (All by Valerie Hoke)

Megalopolitan Life: Tovrea Castle

Fun and Games: Big Surf

Goods and Services: Guidon Books

La Vida: Azteca Bridal

Food: Durant's

Nightlife: The Bikini Lounge

Vintage Phoenix Memory (All by Robrt L. Pela)

Megalopolitan Life: From the Ashes

Fun and Games: Monkey House Shines

Goods and Services: Final Vinyl

La Vida: My First Mexican

Food: Out to Eat

Nightlife: Dance Hall Days

More Best of Phoenix 2013: Vintage Phoenix Awards


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