Best Local Food Start-Up (2013)


Countless people around the world go hungry every day — and Valley entrepreneurs Dustin Tessendorf and Joseph Tuson wanted to do something about it. The duo turned to technology as their answer to the problem, eventually creating an app that lets anyone provide a meal to someone in need just by dining or drinking at local restaurants and bars. The MealMatch app partners with dozens of local restaurants, each of which promises to give 30 cents (the average price of a meal in Africa) to a nonprofit organization somewhere else in the world when customers check in at their businesses using the app. It's a social experience, charity project, and loyalty program all rolled into one, since the app also lets diners collect stamps every time they hit a MealMatch spot. We always feel pretty good about supporting the Valley's local businesses — but when we can also help end world hunger by doing so? Well, we can definitely drink (and eat) to that.


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