"Think globally, act locally."

"Farm to table."

"Slow food movement."

You hear the platitudes so often that they start to fade. Let's face it; talking about supporting local food is a lot easier than actually doing it. Thank goodness for the Good Food Allies. Last year, Natalie Morris and Jennifer Woods teamed up to walk the walk and spread the gospel about locally grown food in Arizona. The hallmark of their project, Good Food Finder, is as they put it, "an online directory of statewide family farmers and artisans and resource guide established to promote small food-based businesses, recognize the growth of Arizona's cultural biodiversity and artisanship and encourage sustainable small business practices."

That's a mouthful (pun intended), but what it means for consumers is that with just a few keystrokes we can find out who's growing lettuce locally, instead of buying it in a bag at Safeway. We think that's in very good taste, and we can't wait to see this project evolve and grow.


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