The name aside, our favorite thing about this strip-mall joint is neither burgers nor subs. It's the gigantic selection of bottled sodas we thought had fallen off the face of the Earth. Looking for the vintage vibe of a glass bottle of Coke? Check. And Rocket also stocks Faygo, Squirt, and Jolt, as well as scores of other brands and flavors of soda we hadn't even thought to search out. A wall of refrigerators stretches the length of the entire restaurant, holding a dozen different brands of ginger ale and more than 50 types of root beers — or if you're getting real vintage with it, sarsaparilla. In total, this place offers about 300 types of sodas or pop or whatever you want to call it. Rocket Burgers doesn't say it stocks every kind of soda imaginable, but we'd venture to guess that if what you're looking for still exists, they'll have it here.

Location Details

12038 N. 35th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85029


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