Latin dance fans who can't get their culos into Q-Lounge by midnight on a Saturday might as well stay at home. ¿Porqué? Because you missed out on the best moment of the weekly Sabados Latinos night, wey, and it's a quite a spectacle. Allow us to set the scene: Adjacent rooms inside the barbecue joint/dance club are packed to capacity with hundreds, each wielding balloons and glowsticks as uptempo Latin dance music blasts out. The high-energy soundtrack builds to a crescendo, confetti cannons fire away, the bouncing and dancing increases, and buxom beer girls hold aloft signs urging everyone to go even harder (as if that were possible). It's an epic conflagration of sound and movement that's truly a sight to behold. If only you could've been there. We suggest arriving earlier in order to enjoy the whole night, which includes R&B and Top 40 mixed in with reggaeton that echoes through the main room while salsa, cumbia, and bachata dominate next door. Both options require fast moves and quick feet, especially if wanna keep up with the chica next to you, cabrón.

Location Details

8501 N. 27th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85051


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