We love the large supermercados in town, but when all we need is a cone or two of piloncillo or a package of chipotles, this tiny market in Mesa is just the thing to fill our shopping basket. With the same selection as the big stores (but edited), the shelves of this small shop (and the delicious bakery attached to it) burst with Mexican cleaning products, pickled jalepeños, every type of dried chile used in Latin cooking, and a quick-moving and well-priced produce section. The meat counter running the width of the store is packed full of house-cut meats, which are expertly seasoned and cooked for the small and affordable ready-to-eat food section, with a food coma-inducing $5 torta. Grab a Mexican Coke and enjoy every bite before even leaving the store, at one of the thoughtfully provided red laminate tables.

Location Details

330 S. Gilbert Rd.
Mesa AZ 85204


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