Best Local to Follow on Instagram (2013)

Joe Johnston

Where the rest of the world saw a perfect place for tract housing and strip malls, Joe Johnston, the mastermind behind Gilbert's Agritopia community, saw an opportunity for urban farming and green spaces. It almost goes without saying that this guy has a special way of looking at the world, and thanks to the photo-sharing app Instagram, we get a glimpse of that view every time we pick up our phone. From dining adventures in California and beyond to simple shots taken in Phoenix coffee houses and Gilbert restaurants, Johnston's account turns the mundane scenes of life into marvelous miniature works of art. We loved the series of pics featuring his and his wife's shoes (adorably captioned "togetherness"), and the colorful nature shots of Agritopia and Arizona sunsets remind us regularly why it's great to be an Arizonan. He may not be an artist or photographer, but he's talented with an iPhone and some filters, and we love following him.


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