Best Modern Architecture Tour (2013)


Though the name rolls right of the tongue (say it with us: do-co-mo-mo), Docomomo gets its name from quite a mouthful: International Working Party for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement. Per its website, it's an international organization with a U.S. chapter that works toward the documentation and conservation (do-co) of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement (mo-mo). Thankfully, there's not a vocab quiz at the end of the annual tours that Modern Phoenix puts on in conjunction with the organization. The 2012 bus tour featured commercial buildings on the west side and began at the Ralph Haver AIA-designed Copenhagen store, formerly known as the Lou Regester building. Each year, the tour leaves us looking at Phoenix with fresh eyes and newfound curiosity about the city's history.


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