Best Prop (2013)

Charles Dickens' hairbrush in A Christmas Carol

One of the signs of great work in theater or film is that enough time and effort have been invested to make inanimate objects like clothing, furniture, dishes, and books feel as real as the characters do. Give those props and dressings a chance, and they'll enhance the art. (Give them too much leeway and they'll upstage the biggest star.)

We were stumped, before we saw Southwest Shakespeare's A Christmas Carol, trying to imagine the cuddly, grandfatherly David Vining as archetypal grouch Ebenezer Scrooge. Vining's a fine actor, and Don Bluth a masterful director, especially on the visual side, but really? Well, Vining entered playing Charles Dickens himself, promoting Carol to his reluctant publisher, and as he began to read from the manuscript, he picked up a hairbrush, swiped his well-groomed noggin into a neurotic shock, and became Scrooge. Done. May we have a link to get one just like it?


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