Best Radio Personality (2013)

Beef Vegan, KWSS 93.9 FM

Few people in Phoenix's indie music scene try as hard as Beef to promote local shows, local artists, and local characters. His morning show, The Morning Infidelity, regularly exhibits the best, and sometimes worst, that our little hipster populace has to offer. Beef himself seems at the top of the mast, neither steering nor calling shots, but merely reminding folks the direction everyone's headed. His advice to aspiring musicians? Stay humble, stay hungry. No matter how talented you think your shoegaze rap-rock jazz fusion trio is, take it with a grain of salt. And you'd best have a sharp competitive edge or else you're going nowhere.

But aside from all that, Beef's show is fucking hilarious, especially his "FML" feature, in which he reads off reader-submitted stories, such as breakups and fights and other MySpace drama, after which Beef and his guests decide whether the sender is being a big baby or not. True to his calling, Mr. Vegan is just helping his neighbors not to suck.


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