Best Son (2013)

Tanner Flake

Boy, there's nothing that says "Happy Father's Day" better than the media discovering that your screen name in an online game is "N1ggerKiller." That's the present Republican Senator Jeff Flake's second-youngest son got his old man, and that wasn't the only thing the 15-year-old had online. On Twitter, he complained about his "Jew" friend taking credit for his jokes, and on YouTube, there appears to be a "faggot" in every single video the kid watched, because that's what he commented on most of them. On other YouTube videos, like clips of his pop, he commented, "He is my dad! Not even kidding." Tanner might not be the son who carries on his father's legacy in Washington, but he might be a perfect fit for the far-right-wing knuckle-draggers who still get elected to public office here in Arizona.


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