Best TV Channel for Arizona Political News (2013)

Comedy Central

With many of the local TV news stations all too willing to plant their lips upon the butt cheeks of politicians across the state, there's one TV network that's not afraid to expose their frequent disservices to the taxpayers. Unfortunately, that network is called Comedy Central, and Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report are the ones doing the best TV reporting of Arizona's political news. Of course, it's easy to pick on Arizona for comedy material, given the amount of stupidity found in politics here — in the "Meth Lab of Democracy," as Stewart calls it. Jeez, it was more than a decade ago that Colbert was in Sun City doing a segment to show just how much of a joke Sheriff Joe Arpaio's "posse" really is. Given Stewart's constant lampooning of Senator John McCain, you're actually more likely to get news on McCain from The Daily Show than you are from the local news, which is really, really sad.


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