Best Use of Bullshit (2013)

Safwat Saleem's "Pardon Me, but WTF?"

Safwat Saleem is trying to make sense of the bullshit. The local artist and designer is from Pakistan and known for using his own sense of humor and artwork to explore and explain politics, culture, and relationships. In response to 9/11, Saleem created a series of artwork titled "A Bunch of Crock," which visualized and interpreted quotations from politicians about race, culture, and the environment. This year, Saleem was selected as a TED Fellow by the national Technology, Entertainment, Design organization and was asked to give a talk about his latest project. So Saleem took to the stage and talked about bullshit.

"Pardon Me, but WTF?" is a collection of stories and observations submitted by the general public and transformed by Saleem into animations and posters that attempt to make sense of life's frustrations and anomalies — children who lie about pooping in the hallway, mismatched numbers of hot dogs and buns in popular packaging, absentee fathers, and more. He's still encouraging the public to submit their stories to the project website, because he knows we could all use a good venting opportunity — especially one that turns into a kickass piece of artwork.


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