Best Zine (2013)

Roger Calamaio's Sour

A great zine doesn't have to be some monthly Xerox rag full of bad art and poor grammar from self-indulgent poetry majors unleashing their verbal fury. This years' Tempe Zine Convention, which was held in a small shed in downtown Tempe, revealed several promising writers and artists displaying their work in small-press quantities, usually bound and printed by the artists themselves. Although Roger Calamaio went a slightly less DIY route for his zine Sour, which was constructed and released by Workin Nights, a half-Arizona, half-New York printer, the intensity of emotion and general relatability of his discontent made his work stand out above the rest that night. Plus, it's got pictures for those afraid of too much text. Though it's not available for purchase anymore and likely will not be reprinted again, Roger Calamaio definitely is one to look out for in the zine world.


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