Changing Hands isn't just the best bookstore in the Valley. It's one of the best bookstores in the country. That's not just because of the books. And we're not talking about the gift section, although that's awfully nice. It's the people. From founders Gayle Shanks and Bob Sommer down to the clerks at the cash register, we can't help smiling as we reluctantly end our bookstore experience and head off to run our other errands.

The other day, our 10-year-old put it best. "I love Changing Hands so much I want to marry it!" she announced. That had a little to do with the book she'd just purchased and much more to do with the fact that the clerk who sold it to her actually held up the line so she could read a bit of it aloud to him.

That's not going to happen to you on Amazon.

Soon the local book scene will be twice as nice, as Changing Hands (finally!) opens a second location in Central Phoenix. We plan to be the first in line. Right behind the 10-year-old.

Location Details

6428 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe AZ 85283


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