Best Coffee House, West Valley (2013)

Elevate Coffee Co.

Coffee is best served with a conscience, and at Elevate, you can feel as though you're doing your part every time you buy a cup of java. That's because 10 cents of every cup you buy at Elevate goes toward clean water in Africa. If warm fuzzies aren't your thing and you're just an espresso addict in a rush, you can text in orders, park in the 15-minute reserved parking and get in and out on the quick — an offer you surely won't get waiting in line at Starbucks. Though Elevate's prices seem slightly elevated, with a 16-ounce mocha running nearly $5, the up-charge goes to a good cause. Plus, the pleasantly balanced mocha at Elevate is just slightly sweet and really lets its chocolateliness come through. Pair one of those with any of their tasty crepes that are $3 to $7 and hang out in a comfy, plush chair all day. You'll see why we keep stopping off Happy Valley Road to go there.

Location Details

2530 W. Happy Valley Rd.
Phoenix AZ 85085


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