Best Place for Your Kid to Learn How to be a Vet (2013)

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

The recently refurbished AAWL is a terrific place to adopt a cat or dog — and we're equally fond of their educational programs. If you have a scout troop, you can arrange for a tour of the exotic animal room (complete with resident hedgehog — they won't let you pet her, but still, cool, huh?) and if you have a free week in the summer, for a fee (warning: it's not the cheapest summer camp in town) Junior can even learn how to be a vet. Well, not quite — but close.

Kids 12 and up will dissect a cow eyeball, give a kitten an examination, watch operations and observe a few things we are too squeamish to describe here, but which are sure to thrill your not-easily-grossed-out kid. Ours emerged ready to apply to medical school. Just try to end the week without adopting (yet another) puppy. We dare you.

Location Details

25 N. 40th St.
Phoenix AZ 85034


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