Best Place to Buy High-End Antiques (2013)

Sweet Salvage

While the Melrose Curve is a reputable source of repurposed relics and midcentury marvels, there's one Seventh Avenue store in particular that has people literally lining up out the door. Every Third Thursday through Sunday of each month, Sweet Salvage opens its warehouse (now with A/C) to a swarm of trendy thrifters and antique addicts looking for the good stuff. The store's sweet selection of vintage treasures and industrial gems is always tied together by a monthly theme ("summer loving," "salvage secrets," and "let them eat cake," to name a few) and compiled by a team of experienced dealers, handpicked by Sweet Salvage's chief junk queens, Kim Rawlins and Katie Hibbs. From antique signs and kitchenware to vintage soda crates and card catalogs, Sweet Salvage's diverse selection of distressed goods goes quickly in the height of the industrial home trend, which is why we recommend showing up early to this three-day-only sale or, better yet, purchasing a preview ticket so you can beeline it to your favorite flea market finds in the morning.

Location Details

4648 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix AZ 85013


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