Best Mexico Weekend Trip (2013)

Rocky Point, Sonora, Mexico

Nowhere in California or Hawaii will you find a comfortable two-bedroom furnished condo with a massive patio looking out over an unobstructed expanse of golden beach for under $200 a night. But Rocky Point, Mexico, is loaded with such deals. True, if you leave your chosen resort on the shore of the Sea of Cortez and go to town, you'll find that Hermes and Juicy Couture haven't found reason to open shops here. Rocky Point, or Puerto Peñasco, as the Mexicans call it, may never be called posh, though boosters have ambitious hopes to someday see a cruise-ship port and airline service from the United States. What you'll find are warm people, eateries ranging from street food to formal dining, boating and fishing culture and, of course, miles of top-notch beaches. Yes, you've heard of Mexico's violence and also heard that Rocky Point has a little of that. You do have to be adventurous to drive to and stay in Rocky Point for the weekend. We daresay it's worth it.


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