We almost lost Climbmax Climbing Gym two years ago when the owners shut it down, citing reasons beyond their control. But it's opened under new management, and we're ecstatic to still be cursing our shapeless arms as we cling to its 180 bouldering problems (along with a cave that climbs from the first to second floor), its 150 top-rope routes and 45 leads. When outside climbing is foolish or impossible because of the weather, Climbmax is the next best thing. Its walls are sculpted to imitate real rock face. You can lead climb a crack, an arch, and a 45-degree overhang. The top floor is filled with bouldering routes ranging from beginner to expert that the amiable staff changes every couple of months. Climbmax is 13,000 square feet of air-conditioned escape during the summer, and a good second option when you can't find a friend to pitch in for gas or belay you outdoors.

Location Details

1330 W. Auto Dr.
Tempe AZ 85284


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